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Sunday, December 25, 2005 

Replies to Comments

Dear All

First and foremost, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year (+/- Elections)!

Just got back from a trip to Taiwan (to smell a breath of KMT and DPP) and was quite surprised to see the number of hits for this web article jumped. There are quite few people asking on the sources of my info and the critics of the "royal couple". Let me deal with the latter first.

In reply to "Soci" on which are the sources that was criticizing Ho Ching and relationship of having her as the CEO of Temasek and her husband being the PM + Finance Minister... Aside from the blogs comments (just do a google bloog search), web-so-called-news articles (eg: ASEAN News Network) and other articles, the formal journals includes The Economist.

As some of you might know, The Economist issued an apology to PM Lee, MM Lee and Mdm Ho Ching on 9/4/2004, Vol. 372, Issue 8391. Due to copyrights issues, I can't reproduce the full articles (I believe the same apology was available on the local papers) but the apologies is based on the similar (I've amended the wordings due to the restrictions) sentences:

"LHL had appointed, or was instrumental in appointing, his wife, HC to THL, not on merit, but for corrupt nepotist motives for the advancement of the Lee family's interests;... LKY supported or condoned HC's appointment for like motives"

As for the Cable Car tragedy, The Economist (maybe they just like reporting on Singapore Politics) seconded that as well. Thus it should be reliably true.

Title: The son rises , Economist, 00130613, 7/24/2004, Vol. 372, Issue 8385:
"While in the army, he directed the dramatic rescue of passengers stranded in a disabled cable car.... His father says that he would already be prime minister were it not for misplaced concerns about nepotism."

As for the Malay in SAF problem, he was the Minister responding to that parliamentary query but was not the Defence Minister directing that policy. Rightly, he amended what was deemed wrong.

As I also said, this article maybe "pro-LHL" or unbalanced but it is based on my contacts working with him and other sources (one of which is stated on top, the rest cannot be reproduced due to restrictions). From my insignificant view, there are too many critics against LHL and too few to balance the argument. So this article is also a feeble attempt to balance some of the critics.

The source for the PM selection process is via PETIR, a PAP publication that is available via the National Library.

From a political science viewpoint, some may say too much power is concentrated on the top while others (some acadamics) say that it is the most efficient form of government (see works but Pelizzo, R., and Babados, S.,) & public adminstration. In simpler words, more representative government (eg, in Holland or Italy where you have more than 6 different parties in parliament) there is less efficient (and productivity) by the government, resulting in the government being frequently disposed in less than 400 days. The balance has to be struck between representative and power concentration. The degree of need works differently for different countries. Perhaps, our present style suits Singapore's culture, form and society. Egalitarianism may not be the way to go for a "small red dot" like us. Then again, totalitarian rule should never be tolerated even under the rule of a sage.

Feel free to voice you comments and opinions, afterall we are in a borderless world called cyberspace (until Australia and maybe MICA put a new definition to that... :P). Thanks for all the past comments and reading the previous and extremely long articles.

Thrasy (by the way, if you are interested in why I used this nick: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thrasymachus)

Hmm you don't seemed to recall the recent NKF saga where power was concentrated in one man's hands.

As I said, a balance need to be struck between concentration of power and representation...do read closely and not jump into your own conclusions...

Linking the two matters is simple but will never truly reflect the difference between the complexity of running a country and running a charity organization.


Of course, but much of what the current regime's arguement to justify their policies are followed closely by NKF.

Of course, I would dare not commit ecological fallacy here but somehow the temptation is very great eh.

yes, i agree that one cannot just simply link the governing of Singapore and running of NKF. but there are parallels, which point to the conclusion that you have made (which i agree with), a balance has to be struck. finding that balance is a difficult art though.

in any case, i think your blog is really wonderful, well-researched, balanced as can be. i wonder how you do it amidst the many other things which i'm sure you must be doing...

keep it up!

Hi Rench00

Thanks for your wonderful comments...maybe with interest, there are many things you can do in 24 hrs.

Ultimately, politics is by people with interest and dedication to the cause, or else they are in it for the wrong reasons. Thanks and Happy New Year!


yo. went to taiwan huh. KMT seems to be hot now eh. lol. anyway happy new yr!

Hi At82

Yup, most of the people I've met (not many though)seems to hate Chen Shubian and loves Ma Ying jiu...and KMT....hahha...

Happy New Year to you too!


u muz be in taipei haha... that is ma's stronghold lol.

I went to china instead, lotsa propagandas around lol...

wahhhhhh here got reasonable ppl nan de nan de lol

ma y j is charismatic given his youthful looks. welllll chen made a whole bloody mess din u noe he lost a defamation suit recently haha (thts y opp dun wan pap 2 sue but chiam sue thrice n won all) chen is provocative pro independence he wan bloodshed instability in the whole region sad 2 say wang daohan n koo zhengfu both passed away spore top leaders praised these 2 men. do u know when jiang zemin step down he prepare 100+ mini statues of zheng chengong wads e meaning behind it? V clear rite ? lol

KMT dun recapture power in 2008 sun yat sen si bu ming bu :<

Hi Wolong....

Haha....there are reasonable people in the blogging community and in singapore (contrary to popular perception!)

Maybe we just choose to be irrational... :P


lol xiang zi huilong wo zi wolong ye!!! lol wellll sad 2 say e opp is made up of unreasonable ppl (maybe with e exception of mr chiam n a few others) either u r with them or u r not e moment u sound like a PAP man thts it!!! lol unlike PAP if nt how come ppl like vivian balakrishnan n tharman came in they were convinced pap is rite. this is where opp is lacking got much 2 learn thts y in their forums u find all their supporters unlike govt sessions where u find ppl shouting n screaming but ministers n MPs took pains 2 discuss e situation (look @ SIA how lky discuss things he maybe dominant but definitely nt unreasonable may i quote him "i din live 2 82 2 be defeatist" big words though but definitely from a big man few can qn tht even his critics lol). hope i din sound like a pap man lol hny.

so who winning in 2008? ma y j or chen?

v sad 2 say many ppl set out 2 be clean n upright but nt many can c it thru unlike pap who has remained so since 59 (i dun deny there r ppl like choo w k n teh c w but by n large pap is clean once again even their opp cant find fault wif lol)

whenever something goes wrong ppl like 2 link it up 2 pap but they nvr knew without pap in power wad spore wld be better or worse? i think u noe e ans even opp admit they lack e ability 2 form e nxt govt wad makes u think opp better? there was a period without opp MPs in parl did we go down? the ans is no!!! v no indeed!!!

k la dun toke much liao wait ppl accuse me of pap dog lol of cos these ppl onli dare 2 attack me here when challenged (lky used 2 challenge ong eng guan 2 repeat his defamatory statements out of parl but he dun dare no balls!!!)they tiam tiam lol only dare 2 hide behind a PC n curse n swear dun dare 2 come out in e open n do it scare wad? scare i hire mr singh 2 sue them sue til pants drop lol maybe even underwear also dun hv lol pls bear in them pap r nt the only 1 who sue jbj n chiam 2. mr chiam won thrice n he was nvr sued by pap. hny

Hi Wolong

Yup, I agree with some of your comments. Perhaps, the most critical problem that PAP has is that they are too successful. In simpler terms, people always have the tendency to support the underdogs even though you know they are not as capable as the incumbent.

Nah, no one would and no one should call you a PAP dog. Very often, when one stays neutral, critics will call him a PAP supporter. Nonetheless, I think you are neutral in your stand.

As for taiwan 2008, I think chenSB is a gonner, MYJ should win with ease. But you will never know, if CSB has any magic bullets up his sleeves...lol...

Thanks for popping by...Happy New Year.


ur reply is indeed fast so efficient ar? hou shen ke wei lol btw which r the comments u agree with? we hv 2 know y pap so successful (name me any other country transformed in 1 gen i think nt many even opp has 2 admit of cos they r nt willing 2 credit pap so much afterall y credit ur opp so much rite dun make sense)under wad circumstances emerge as the ruling party tht we go bk in history u noe i noe dun dwell on it) any credible party in 50s/60s u noe i noe chew siew kee affair 500k from americans dr toh c c dropped a bombshell since 59 pap remains 2 be the onli party spore can rely on (most sporeans noe) support underdogs? who u wan? chee ? jbj? wp? lol 4get abt them all maybe mr chiam yes r u sure no one wld call me tht they wld behind a PC privately when they lim kopi with frds but when challenged jus tail between legs walk away i'm prepared 2 stake my reputation in a court of law 2 test the truth out whether i m a pap dog anot any1 dare 2 take me on? of cos no 1 cos they noe its highly defamatory wad kind of man chen is? i think we noe no 1 wld like 2 c war in this region n with superpowers all involved damn messy wld other states take side wld it nt erupt in2 WW3 pls hv e "chopper ability" c things wide n clear be farsighted zoomed in on e critical areas.

btw toking 2 u much easier than gms he is simply 1 gd eg of either u r with them or u r nt simple as tht lol nvr did i know i provoke him so much tht he wrote 1 huge article in response but since there r others there i shall ignore him lol btw luckily he studied dr goh wks if nt he dun like him 2 lol

it is indeed heartening 2 noe tht there r ppl like u ard who r concerned with spore politics gen view being spore youths bo chap once they did a survey in orchard rd nt many can name e politicans correctly sad sia lol how u mbr of ypap serving in which ward when they fielding u as candidate if ask u go potong pasir or hg u dare lol btw r u teochew 1st ? gd nite!!!

Hi wolong,

Maybe i've been "singaporized" into being efficient in replies...haha...

Well, i do agree with you that PAP has a creditable record that many don't seem to recognise. Even people like CSJ can get around 20% of the votes! No mean feat to garner around 15,000 votes from a GRC! There are people who will vote just because they don't want to vote for PAP. A portion of the voters will remain irrational. A mark of the rationality of the country can be seen by this percentage. See the European countries like Italy, Spain, Holland, radical wing parties are gaining grounds. Hopefully we will not land up like them.

GMS, to his credit and burden, he is carrying the WP party flag when blogging. He can't side with what maybe deemed "right" by us or anyone else but by their party lines.

Anyway, thanks for your complements. Glad to have a audience like you too that made good sense (sometimes in humour too!) of the Singapore Politics. And I'm not a teochew...hahaha...


2 be honest if chee din go down this path, he wld hv won more remember 97 GE he got 30%+, nt bad he has a chance to improve say 40+% n most probably offered e NCMP seat (haha then steve chia bo liao), he a university lecturer phd shld hv put it 2 better use. btw u seemed quite silent on nkf care 2 comment? how abt steve chia case? u think he wld be fined more than 2k then thts it cant contest (he nt a bad opp candiadte 2 asks alot of gd qn @ times even ministers got 2 agree lol c i do credit opp ar hehe) wad dialect r u? any opp men u held in high regd (i think most wld say mr chiam even deep down in the hearts of many PAP men a true gentleman) sad 2 say mr chiam is 70 wonder he got a successor in place wad u think of the fight @ potong pasir n hg (remembering e fact tht sitoh nearly won last GE wld he further slice mr chiam share of valid votes cast n recapture e ward 4 pap) eric low seem 2 be pretty well liked in hg managed 2 slice ltk by a few % pts last GE wld he win this time round?

PAp good PAp wow, PAP gua gua jiao!

lol ted nt happi loyal opp supporter!!!

Hi Wolong

As for the NKF case, I thought there are already too many reports and comments off the media and internet. Commenting it would probably just add to the noise against the wind. From my sources, it came to the Cabinet as quite a shock and might have set the designated election announcement date by quite a fair bit.

Perhaps I might be wrong but I think once you hear that TT Durai and the board being summoned to court for hearings or maybe even being convicted, the election date maybe be announced shortly. They need to close this issue asap before moving ahead with elections.

Personally, I've always held Low Thia Khiang in high regards. I think he is quite a creditable opposition with perhaps, more passion and fire than Chiam See Tong. Both gentlemen has contributed positively to the parliament. I don't think Sitoh has done himself any good but promoting himself too aggressively. Next GE, I expect LTK and Chiam to retain their seats. And perhaps widen their lead.

Worker's Party, compared to the rest of the opposition parties, seemed more ready and organised to challenge the GRCs. Their recruitment has been fairly successful and hopefuly we can see one or two more WP faces in parliament such as their Chairwoman, Sylvia Lim. I think Sylvia Lim has the capabilities and has even gain some milege by conducting some forums in NUS. Obviously, WP have quite a few interesting new faces such as Chia Ti Lik (lawyer), GMS and James Gomez. However, this election are just to allow them to gain "battle experience" and even the top bass of WP, in their most optimistic prediction would not expected to grind out an election win.

As for SDP, Dr Chee's party, I think they are to ideologically polarised and Singaporeans will not be appealed to their rally.

Haha, I'm not a Hokkien or Teochew. Let's just say that I'll be quite able to converse in Hong Kong. :P


orhhhhhh u cantonese la kwongfu ren sun yat sen also cantones guandong zhongshan u where? did u noe cantonese nearly chosen as national language lost a few votes thts y mandarin liang qichao kang youwei all cantonese. cantonese prided themselves to be purest chn cos they r in the south their blood nvr tainted by manchurian/mongolian. btw i 50% cantonese e other 50% same as li kashing

Haha...strange to be mentioned on the same breath with SYS, LQC or KYW. Anyway, traditionally, most rebellions and revolutions start from the South.

And as for Liang Qichao, associating himself with Yuan Shikai took some glamour off this records...

Latest news!

PM Lee has ordered the Registration Officer to revise the registers of electors and complete the work on or before February 28 this year.

Elections is really coming. Probably after the 2006 budget is revealed. But it is of high possiblity that I won't be able to vote this time round. Sianz...

arhhhh so u cantonese la c our discussion quite varied unlike others toke purely on politics n nothing else maybe nxt time we toke abt food cantonese food yue cai lol

welllll u being unable to vote is nt PAP fault (once agin sound like pap men horrr lol so be it!!!) if e opp cant attract ppl then wad? remember pap was in opp 2 y r they able to contest all 51 wards n win? out of 51 they got 43 seats solid lehhh lol wellll i dun deny they got 54.3% (if i dun remember wrongly) of the valid votes cast cos political competition was v stiff then (lol sound like historian) stop complaining things like high election deposits change of boundaries defamation suits if u r gd ppl will vote u in (c mr chiam 22 yrs in parl wad hv u got 2 say of cos sad 2 say nt many chiam c tongs ard my due respect to the longest serving opp MP) wahhh i credit him so much then tht side how lol cant be bothered i speak my mind top party leadership noe i was nvr a yes man til death i will nt lol e w barker toh chin chye tan cheng bock charles tan tan soo khoon loh meng all r nt yes men in fact @ times more critical than opp lol. remember tan soo khoon if he was in opp he will be sued 4 saying lhl misleading the public over bus fare hike (so pap is nvr a plc 4 yes men n nvr will it be unlike some parties nvr say who ar dun be so sensitive ar lol byeeee

To wolong:

ehhh no la, I am not blaming anyone leh. I am unable to vote due to personal reasons.

And relac dude, nothing wrong wif supporting PAP just like there is nothing wrong with supporting the oppo. Everyone can support who they want, who is to say that is wrong? ;)

yuan shikai lang zi ye xin wana be emperor (wonder if he a descendant of yuanshao han general defeated by caocao in guandu) sad 2 say sun yat sen was 2 much of a gentleman dunno how 2 deal with him if u r a bastard i will be more bastard than u if u r a gentleman i will be more of a gentleman than u u can nvr use gentlemen ways 2 deal with bastards

wah seh at82 u online 2 lol y cant u vote? wad reason? care 2 share?

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

wellllll throughout history there r ppl on each other sides zhugeliang on liubei side zhouyu on sunquan side sad 2 say born in tht era either u hv to choose 1 or remain neutral ( no denial i more of a pap man lol based on my postings i nvr attempt 2 convert my critics they r die hard opp supporters sad 2 say on the wrong side though lol but 2 my opp out there " we will meet in a closed alley onli 1 will emerge alive n chances r lol" sound like who? go n check it out lol btw where my opp? all hiding somewhere? lol i issue them a challenge call me a pap dog in public y hvnt i heard of them? no balls ar? or scare of my lawyers letters? lol ppl dare 2 defame but nt prepared 2 be x examine by my legal counsel in the witness box wad u call tht? cowards? lol

To wolong:

so qiao! I will not be in Singapore for some time after Feb la.

Since PM Lee already set 28 Feb as the deadline, the elections should be in after Feb. So I probably cannot vote loh...

wo yuan wei pap xiao quan ma zi lao ju gong jin cui si er hou yi (merely borrowing zhuge liang's words @ liubei deathbed but tht doesnt mean i will nt be like him) liu chu qi shan wei neng fa wei ci nai han shi ye!!! jiangwei even worse 9 times total 15 times :<

at82 where u stay? which ward? mind 2 reveal? thks

btw who wld u vote sia? lol nvr mind if u nt saying afterall voting is secret

dear Thrasymachus, write something abt e past leh like lim chin siong fong swee suan late devan nair late dr lee siew choh ur postings all current 1 quite sian leh hehe (sorie ar jus my comments hehe)

sad 2 say politics is still such a dull topic c who post here u la me la at82 la i think thts abt all !!

To Wolong:

Errr... Sorry, I have to disagree with the notion of a death match in the back alley.

I would like to believe that, we Singaporeans, have reached a stage whereby our political differences can be settled by rational debates and democratic elections in an open manner without resorting to any violence. I also disagree with calling ppl "PAP dogs" or "oppo dogs" etc...

The beauty of the democratic system is that everyone has the right to support any political party they wished to, whatever their reason are. The leaders will be chosen thru open and fair elections. In this way the will of the majority will always be upheld.

I currently live in ALJUNIED GRC. But given the propensity of changes in boundary, I dunno which GRC will be belong to in the next GE bcos I live on the edge of the GRC.

As for who I will vote... Lets just say although I am amused by the antics of SDP, it is not the best party I have in my mind... I will leave the rest to your imagination. ;)

i nt resorting 2 violence u got me all wrong i'm simply quoting eg jun zi dong kou bu dong shou lol (my chn nt bad ar lol) wad i m saying theres onli 1 victor n i made sure u end up as r loser lol (all my opp out there beware i nt afraid of u neither i wan u 2 be afraid of me jus tell me which ward u will be going i shall meet u there lol of cos c me in white n white no doubt abt tht) wellllll u think u can toke 2 opp in a rational way 4get it as i said b4 e moment u sound like a pap man thts it? they will start calling u names 4get abt hving a rational discussion wellll george yeo wld welcome e WP send ur "A" team there we r nt afraid of u btw fill ur forms properly lol wld tht indian guy who dun put pedestrain interest as top pirority be fielded? we shall c eh once again dun be sensitive ar who is he? u noe i noe lol

wahhhhhh u live on the edge u know 2 wahhhhhh sehhhhhh damn politically consious gd 2 hv u some ppl dun even noe which ward they live in nt 2 mention who their MP is sad 2 say (wellllll opp sure say cos pap depoliticised a whole generation lol y r u ppl nt ? c how opp ans when they cant outtalk say ppl childish when they cant win say this say tht but nvr look @ their own weaknesses always blaming others this their attitude lol)

To wolong:

If i am not politically consicious, I won't be surfing this site right ;).

Anyway, if the oppo are really as bad as u say, then there is not need for PAP to worry at all. They will just self-destruct when they present their platform during the GE.

However I suspect that oppos of some quality are emerging. Perhaps they might not be of the minister caliber, but they probably are good enough to be MPs. This is when the PAP have to be careful. Nevertheless, I hope to see that a more levelled playing field this time round.

Mr wolong, i think even u cannot deny that for past few elections, the oppos were not given a fair amount time to present their platforms during the campiagning periods.(the sensiblity of their platform is another matter)

ehhhhh i did say u politically consious leh when did i nt read properly leh when i say opp bad u nvr read i always praise mr chaim n steve chia 2 (u must be selective who u wan i think even u agree tht chee is out rite) as i said pap was in opp 2 were there no obstacles in their path? if u compare theirs with e opp 2day its a far cry man lol

wellllll name me any gd opp guy n i will tell u y they r no gd (well of cos some i shall nt comment lol u noe i noe) jbj gd? chee gd? ppl who support them gd? dun tel me jbj dunno defamation law? lol legally trained in london even lky has 2 appear b4 him. some opp will take every opportunity tht present itself 2 whack pap draw similarities here n there luckily we still hv ppl like u n Thrasymachus who toke reason if nt i shall nt bothered coming here @ all u shld noe by nw i was nvr afraid of the pap openly crediting certain opp figures here (no denial i held mr chiam in HIGHEST respect u think i scare if sitoh read this i dun giv a damn !!! lol )

u think tht lady lawyer from WP who help jbj finacially gd? does jbj deserve help? maybe once or twice yes forever lol tht indian guy caught 4 drunk driving gd? any political aspirant pls be responsible those formerly from tc gd? whole day long press freedom speech freedom u wan speech freedom if 2day i say a chn force a pc of pork down a malay mouth n the journalist without verifying anyhow write u noe wad e consequences? u noe i noe remember racial riots 64/69 u ppl 2 young la brought up in an era of peace n prosperity dunno anything dun blame u u wan chn go around hacking malays n retaliation no rite? toke is great but in reality can u do it? i think u ppl being highly educated noe the ans thks gd nite going 4 supper wana join me no la youngster v health consious lol byeeeeeee

To wolong:

No, pls dun be mistaken. I think u are reading to much into what I am saying.

I din say that u condemn all oppos, I am just refering to your previous statements, which u said that u can't talk to the oppos in a rational way and that they always blame others without looking at their own weakness.

I said that if oppos are as bad u said then PAP can relac, bcos no 1 will support the them and they will self-destruct bcos their platform cannot stand the scrutiny of the public. Gd eg is SDP, there is an even a debate over the internet on the policies that he advocate and most are not convince.

However, wat troubles me is that the oppos are not given a reasonable amount of time to tell us their platforms.

U might think that wat is the point if the oppos' platforms are of poor quality anyway? My ans is that, yes, they might be of poor quality today but it may not be so in the future.

Anyway if PAP is the best, there is nothing for them to worry abt anyway, real gold not scare of fire rite? So why the rush (only 9 days for campiagning)? Why only declare the new boundary so near to GEs?

I dun think these actions are healthy for Singapore.

As for freedom of speech, I dun think free speech shd be equate with irresponsible speech. For eg in Germany, speeches that deny holocaust are illegal. But most ppl won't say that there is no freedom of speech in Germany. I also support the punishing of the 2 bloggers who posted racist remarks on the net.

Although it might sound a tad too idealistic, I would like to believe that we can have freedom of speech without it degenerating into irresponsible speech.

u can read more abt debate here: http://shianux.jiyuuu.org/2005/08/15/137/democracy_is_not_a_populist_whore/

Have a nice day!

thts y i say glad 2 hv ppl like u n Thrasymachus v gd n reasonable we may nt agree on everyting but @ least we can discuss unlike ............

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