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Wednesday, October 12, 2005 

Should I Risk Writing on PAP?

For some strange reasons, I'm contemplating to write an article on the internal structure of the PAP. Maybe it is a dangerous move that might see me being locked up in the deepest dungeons of the ISA, or maybe not. Just to cover my a*s, I'm looking for how much public info is available so that I'm not revealing too much secrets for my own good.

Should I or should I not?

conceal yourself and all traces of your identity ...

hmmm had been wanting to ask you that how does PAP judge their support on the ground other then meet the people session... Do they do computer simulations on the elections base on data collected?

Anyway, I dun think info on the structure of the party covered under the under the official secert act or something like that. Afterall I dun think they can charge or arrest someone for revealing what cannot be classified as state secert.

Nominally PAP is still seperated from the state, unlike say china where the CCP is the state.

Hi At82

That is a good question. Aside from MPS, the strongest form of feedback is in the grassroots itself.

1) CCC (see The Grassroots), the committee which at MP attends is made up of ordinary folks from Resident's Committee, Neighbourhood Committee, Market Committee (which are the representatives of the hawkers in that area), Resident leaders, and other volunteers. This acts as a good feedback for the MP. Especially, with the Chairmen of the Market Committee as they usually feedback on how bad the business is around the area and how the people feels on the PAP.

2) Block Visits, Usually, depending on the constitutency, the MPs will conduct block visits and assess the support and the needs of the residents.

3) Network of people. Sometimes, if you pay closer look at who are the volunteers in the meet-the-people session, they are usually hawkers, market sellers, youths, senior citizens, businessmen...all walks of life. But each have specific info on certain population of the ground. Thus, usually after the session, they and the MP will go have some coffee and drinks, and would feedback their thoughts and observations to the MP.

4) Collation of feedbacks. From all the information gathered, the MP might feedback to the PAP HQ (at Bedok), on the feelings on the ground when nearing elections. But the problem arise when no MP would say their ground is weak, cos that would mean that they are lousy MPs or not doing their job. Thus, sometimes, they paint a better picture to the HQ then it truly is.

5) PAP HQ, is Chaired by Wong Kan Seng, who probably has more info on the ground than everyone combine (since he is the Minister for Home Affairs). The HQ committee is further divided into specific areas (eg, Central SIngapore, South-west...) and into issues (eg, women, youth, malay affairs, information and feedbacks...)

All in all, the feedback channels is really extensive and putting everyone's info into a big picture, you will have quite a good assessment on the ground.

The thinline is drawn on what the member does is for the government and what he is doing is for PAP. Fortunately, PAP draws this line very well.


welllll pap is always v concerned abt ground discontent. remember 81 by election anson jbj won wads e reason? read lky memoir. last GE y lky personally make a trip 2 the temple?

You haven't write about Minister-I-wanna -throw-a-punch-in-your-face Heng leh.


Haha..."Minister-I-wanna-throw-a-punch-in-your-face Heng"...that is kind of a "cool" title to have...considering he was a ex-police force scholar...haha...

I'll try to write on him soon..like of busy with work lately...

You should continue to write! ;)

Goh Meng Seng

i think you should write but do be careful.


best regards, nice info » »

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