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Saturday, April 29, 2006 

Photos of General Elections

boring election, because (a) basically no new message - we all know PAP delivers the goods, and we all know upgrading depends on your vote and (b) the way the same message is repeated by different people, like "election soon, but it is up to the PM" and "opposition should present their candidates early like we did"

opposition parties have no moeny and little manpower; PAP should present things better

Hi Anonymous

Yes, PAP tactics are boring, but seemingly effective. But they really need to work on the PR and media image. Maybe they lack an entertainer! lol


Yo thrasy:

Must be busy nowadays huh?

CNA and TCS seem to become a PAP mouthpiece over nite! (Not that it wasn't the case b4 lol...)

Hi at82,

No more TCS, only Mediacorp.


My place is a walkover this time. My friend is more pitiful. Never voted in his life 4 about 4 times lol.

Hi at82,

No more TCS, only Mediacorp.


My place is a walkover this time. My friend is more pitiful. Never voted in his life 4 about 4 times lol.

Hi Mr Jipuo:

Ah yes mediacorp, my mistake my mistake.

How can I mix up the name of our "1st world" media?

Sad to say I also walkover lol.

Anyway do come over to my blog if u have time lol.

Please call mediacorp as member of the public to say how disgusting we find the misrepresentation of the non-PAP parties during their coverage of the election.

If everyone us call, they will be change. Trust me. Many of the reporters WANT to report the TRUTH! However, they are stopped by their bosses.

We are Professionals & thinking people must do our part by giving them pressure from all sides. We enough pressure and professionals support, the reports will have call in figures to back their desire to want to report the TRUTH.

Many reporters are on our side, many policemen are on our side, they are singaporeans too. We can support them by calling in & writing in.

Let's give them tons of calls and emails to press for TRUTH. We can make a different. Each call can make a different.

MediaCorp News Hotline 68 2222 68

Give us your feedback on our content.
Contact: newseditor@channelnewsasia.com

What are you waiting for.....pick up the phone and call, logon and email. Give them support to report the TRUTH and nothing but the TRUTH.

Some reporters said they hate the censor and want to resign, they need our support, they need our encourgement, they need to hear from us to know that they are not fighting alone against their bosses.

Haha. T, finally you show your true colours. Arent you one of the PAP members with close relation to the politicians.

Self-interest or interest for the people? Honesty is what most politicians lack. Sadly, people are unable to see thru the veil.

Hmmm...photos of the PAP could be a more appropriate title.

Issues of dis election:

1 'major issue': Upgrading of lifts.

2 incidental issues:
1st World Govt.
Minority Report (Certificate) in Aljunied.

1 unused issue as yet:
Casinoes. Ppl do hv short memories. Is dis y Taiwan's 李傲 said S'poreans r 'stupid'?

1 issue that cannot really b debated:

1 V IMPORTANT issue: Medical bills shouldn't hv GST.

1 revelation: Pay of MPs, Ministers,n the PM.

1 question: Is funding for upgrading of lifts the govt's responsibility or an MP's responsibility?

Hi Amatu

Nice try... =P

Didn't you realized that the angle is the same as the pictures from the media press? Haha...one of my photojournalist friend sent these "rejects" to me....haha...


Hi Thrasy:

So hw is the PAP side feeling?

There is alot of oppo noises around in the internet but not much PAP info.

Com'on share some info with us ;P

This is THE photo you should include:

Hi T,

Oh, even more reasons to believe you are one of them. Everyone knows local newspapers are PAP mouthpiece.

Good one tho. I see you have the skill of a politician. Up and coming, or in training? ;)

Hi T,

Recent events finally show the true face of the oppositions. Initially, i admitt they were quite impressive on resume, many were qualified professionals who had excelled in their field of work. They speak of being equally qualified as the new PAP candidates.

Bad habit die hard, i guess...recent proposal like no water conservation tax, retrenchment insurance, minimum wages and cheaper HDB...goes to show how naive they can be and it also show that they are a long way from 1st class opposition.

The ruling isnt doing well either...the ability to install politcal death before election never fade away...it does not really show it is not democratic...as it once happen before to the most democratic country in the world in the watergate incident...but it really sometimes irks young voters like me...


HI Amatu

Once again, nice try to pull a fast one... =P

Everyone thinks they are a mouthpiece but it doesn't mean they are definitely one. Anyway, currently, no media members hold party membership. Technically, you are wrong...lol

Well, don't you think the media is trying groom Sylvia Lim?


Hi T,

Am i? I suppose you still havnt find the objective ground.

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

PM Lee was quoted as saying: "If the opposition held 10 to 20 seats in Parliament, I would have to spend much more time thinking about how to counter them. How can I solve this week's problem, forget about next year's challenges?"
Don't you think this defeatism is so uncharacteristic of Mr Lee Kuan Yew's son?

BTW, you do have such nice pictures of the prime minister, you must be quite enamored of him. Here's one more for your collection:



Is it Mr Chiam vs Mr Sitoh or Mr Chiam vs SM Goh in Potong Pasir?

Finally, with only 1-2 days left, PAP has decided to focus on the more important issues besides the Gomezaga.

Guess the parties' real names with
Parties' nicknames:

Pay and Pay = ?
Wayang Party = ?

and the MP:

the 'Hen' who gave the nickname to 'Wayang Party': ?

Remember: Do to others what u wud hv others do 2 U.

Mui Lan used the word 'counter' the oppostion in her post. The exact word was 'fix'.

Gomezaga was PAP's effective strategy. Politically speaking, there's nothing wrong with that. Only when it was overdone, it wud backfire.

In the final showdown 2moro, it'll b interesting 2 know the results.

"counter" vs "fix" reminds me of the occasion MM Lee Kuan Yew, while addressing CitiBankers at a dinner, was heard to say on national TV, he was "stupid" not to realize there was money to be made from F-1 race circuits. When the Straits Times reported it the following day, they used the word "dimwitted" instead.

T said... "Everyone thinks they are a mouthpiece but it doesn't mean they are definitely one. Anyway, currently, no media members hold party membership. Technically, you are wrong...lol"

Yup, you're right. The chairman of SPH, former Deputy Prime Minister Tony Tan, stepped down from Cabinet in September 2005 before taking over the helm at SPH in December that same year. So I guess he doesn't qualify as a party member either.

On a side note, the NKF fracas also took place earlier that year, didn't it? :-)

Dear T!

Updates please??????

After knowing the pay of the MPs, Ministers, and PM, there'll probably b some parents who'll tell their children, "When u grow up, remember to become a Minister". Having high pay 4 ministers will make 'em clean and not corrupt. Yet it's a double-edged sword. Who will u attract? The current breed may b 4 S'pore. Yet, will the future ministers b genuinely interested in S'pore, or in the income?

mr jipuo said... "Having high pay 4 ministers will make 'em clean and not corrupt"

But how high is high? -- that's the question. If it's equivalent to "give me the salary I want or I'll be corrupt", then that reeks of blackmail, and anyone with that mentality shouldn't be in public office in the first place.

yawn said, "anyone with that mentality shouldn't be in public office in the first place."

That's the ideal. Unfortunately, realistcally, there'll b such ppl. In fact, having high pay is still no guarantee. It only lowers the chances.

Generally speaking, humans r by nature greedy. When u hv much, u want even more.

How hi is hi? Find out how lo is lo and you'll know how hi is hi. :-)

JiPuo said... "Generally speaking, humans r by nature greedy. When u hv much, u want even more."

Unfortunately in public office, you can't give yourself the amount you want. Which thus makes it even more crucial to have a system of checks in place.

Still, I don't think it's human nature by default, but rather the climate you're brought up in. I know friends who quit good paying jobs to teach, simply because, as one puts it, it's her calling. :-)

If you put too many business-minded people in public office, you're only going to foster a corporate mentally.

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