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Sunday, October 02, 2005 

Coming Soon: Minister of State Heng Chee How
My encounters with him and my 2-cents worth on him

Currently, I'm kind of busy with my studies and commitments, so hopefully I can get to write on this by next week. This will be based on my encounter with him after spending almost 5 hours at a community retreat-like event with him.

Anyway, seems like LTA has done it again (why I am not surprised) with the Transport Minister exerting pressure on the Hock Kee residents to move out. Troubles never seem to end with LTA and MOT.

I've setup a webpoll at the sidebar so that we can see how readers poll on certain issues. Feel free to suggest on any possible polls that I can add in to see the "public" (if you consider blogs as public) responses.

U polls like not very popular leh hahaha~

wellllll in e 1st plc sporeans r apathetic, apolitical nt many r keen on political issues n current affairs, if u hv ever attended political forums n u - off e regulars and party members c who u get. gms admitted 2 tht. c if u r attending their youth wing forum.

i dun agree tht yeo has exerted pressure on them. 3rd oct is the final deadline and a lot has been done. there will always be a diff between state valuation n pte 1. it doesnt mean tht once they shifted out their case will be closed n it oso doesnt mean tht if they remain they will hv e upper hand. lets us always look @ e bigger pic, lives r @ stake, wad if hock kee hse came crumbling dn who be responsible u i or who?

Hi at82 and wolong

1) Haha...my polls will not be popular, just like my blog...I guess the traffic will remain low, since I'm no skin-flick like sarongpartygirl or xiaxue...haha...no punt intended

2) I agree with you, wolong, it is always the same few people (me included) spouting the same argument. And if you look at the lifestyle, attitude and daily schedule, politics will never be a priority or even an element of their concern. It is a sad state, but we can and we should do better.

3) Yeo Cheow Tong said and "warned the occupants" (quoted from source) on the Straits Times that they may face eviction by law if they take up the package. Unlike most past (and non-LTA) practise, they would negotiate on compensation before doing the ground works. But for Hock Kee, the ground works affected so much of the building that it becomes unsafe for the occupants. Thereafter, then they offer compensation package for them to evict.

At the worse situation, Hock Kee occupants die as a result of a collapse building, LTA will be in deep trouble. And they wouldn't be able to so conveniently to blame Lum Chang, the constructors as easily as Nicoll Highway. The political and social problem would be far greater than Nicoll Highway. So in the first place, why can't LTA offer Hock Kee residents the package before starting work, just like Chuan Park at Braddall Heights?

The compensation is far from what they might receive since the new station would be at their door step. I would say that it was appropiate for them to evict, but not on the ill circumstances behind why they have to be evicted (meaning how LTA's works made it structurely unsafe, going contrary to their iniate plans).

For the poll on YCT stepping down may be you could add "I wish he could step down". I think that will give us satisfaction in kicking him out.

Don't worry your turn will come as your topics are very different from most local blogs. Also, i think blog popularity is sth like "flavour of the month", it comes and goes.


Hi Locky2ky

Your wish is came through! Please voice your "concerns" on the right sidebar...:P

Haha, I didn't setup this blog for popularity, but just out of interest. I do agree with you on the "flavour of the month". Just like "bubble tea", blogs may fade just as easily...haha..


many ppl us think tht this minister no gd tht minister nogd wana kick them out lol. nvr realise tht things jus happen. who wan e dunking incident. u wan 2 kick teo out. who wan nicoll highway collapse? who wan 2 kena aids during blood transfusion. ppl nvr understand if i can make a million y settle 4 300k. y shld tony tan came in for a third of his former pay n lose his car n chauffer. y shld CJ Yong settle 4 1/7 of his former pay. y shld i. if u r talented e world is ur oyster. look @ yeo's daughter b4 she grad headhunted by a top US bank. she may nt necessarily confined to sg y shld she? join pap n be cursed n swear by u ppl. no way. talent is MOBILE. througout history it's has been been so. look @ chun qiu zhan guo n 3 guo. btw Thrasymachus wad cos u studying? political science? nus?

Well, that is the thing about internet, all sorts of stuff that can't happened in reality, will be on the net. You are very right to say that talent is mobile. As for the CJ and Tony Tan stuff, I'm not quite familar with their personal stuff, so I better not comment.

Seems like you are interested in Chinese History. Me too, but more of the late Qing and early republic history. Talent is mobile but you will need a system that brings out the best in them. Btw, I'm studying Finance and Political Science. I'm not from NUS. :P


Well I have to say LTA under Mr Yeo Cheow Tong had foul up once too many times for me...

Under our westminister sys, a minister is suppose to be responsible for the ministry he/she is in charge.

It is only fair that we hold our politicians accountable for the deeds that his/her ministry had done.

can give any hints of where are you studying?

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

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i wonder if you will still say "things just happen" if it were your brother who got drowned or your father who got killed in the nicoll highway collapse. maybe you will still forgive the talents ....

Hi at82

Haha...of course they won't or I'll be a marytr for political voice. But on second thoughts, didn't Dr Chee got sack for using NUS stamps for his personal postage? Then again, I'll never as prolific as Dr Chee...haha...

Hey there, Locky2ky

Strong word you have there. My bet is that YCT will still be around after the next elections but at a different Ministry. Only time will tell.


wad i saying is things on e ground r beyond his reach.


Perhaps it is time then to find another person who can (reach the ground), don't you think so? :)

I would say everything is NOT static and things are always on the move.

We may have a relatively apathetic citizens at the moment but I have a feeling that things are very dynamic AFTER what happen to NKF and the Presidential Elections.

It is not easy for a man who earns million dollar a year to understand how people who only earn 20 thousands a year feel. To eh million dollar man, a few cents increase in bus fare is "nothing" or "peanuts", but to the man on the ground, that's alot.

The magic word is EMPATHY which is very much lacking in the "ELITIST" setup in PAP govt.

Things do happen for some reasons but when lightning strikes twice in some places, there must be some reasons behind. Corporate management and culture set by the big boss will affect how the whole ministry function. And whether certain "management styles" create "conducsive environment" for certain things to happen is a type of management science.

For example, if the boss is one who likes to listen to good praises, he will find himself surrounded by mediocre people who only know how to suck up to him. Things will definitely screw up somehow.

Thus, in some sense, it is right for one to conclude that the big bosses, in this case the ministers, should be responsible for all the mishaps in his ministry basically because most of the time, the mishaps are indirectly the result of his management style.

Goh Meng Seng

Hi Meng Seng

Thanks for your input. I think you definitely have a point there.

But isn't the whole idea behind the Meet-the-people session (MPS) is to bring the Minister's level down to the people's level? No doubt that if he is rich, meeting poor people every week isn't going to change much of his outlook. But maybe to a certain degree.

Then again, in almost every country, Singapore's accessibility to Ministers and MP is one of the highest in the world. Correct me if I'm wrong, but there isn't a country that I know of that brings Ministers down to the level of the people like Singapore's. In most countries, the "more capable" people would and should lead the country. But if the "more capable" people isn't pay to the level that private corporates are willing to pay them, they wouldn't take up the thankless job anyway. People leading the country will always be the Elites and the rich. But the important thing is that no matter how poor you are, if you are capable, you will be an so-called "Elite" someday. Then make the changes.

If you look at the PAP govt, several Ministers came from poor background as well. Khaw Boon Wan, Wong Kan Seng, Balaji Sadasivan, Goh Chok Tong and even President SR Nathan. I think they know how the poor feels, but that being said, I am terrible against the bus fare hikes.

Maybe it is my biasness against that certain Ministry. By that, I think you are very right to say that the Minister should be responsible for the actions of his Ministry. Maybe it is time for "him" to make way.

Thank Meng Seng. Wish you all the best in the coming Elections.


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of cos they know how e poor felt. how can some1 who was summoned to his father deathbed @ the age of 10 nt know. nt many ppl hv tht kind of experience. furthermore @ the age of 10.

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