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Sunday, November 13, 2005 

Coming Soon: Any request?

Currently, I am in the midst of my exams and stuff. Should I survive the ordeal bestowed by Ministry of Eduction, I was thinking of writing an article on Prime Minister Lee. Oooooooh, first impressions is probably that I might run into risk of "defamation", "libel suits" for bad mouthing the PM. To be honest and not that I'm covering my own behind, he is far more capable and intelligent than most people think. At least, this is what I gathered from friends within his office and one of his former classmates from Cambridge (clue: currently a professor in one of the universities).

Nonetheless, please voice your opinions on any articles (within my limited capabilities) which you would think that I should and can write on.

And if you are curious on the inside take on the NKF incident, I heard that he (the CEO) is unlikely to be convicted of any wrongdoings. Not to put any prior judgemental comments before the proceedings, I heard that it is difficult in law to pintpoint such cases on the "misappropiation of funds". Simply because of the nature of the board and system. If he did consult the board on any use of the funds even if it is for his personal benefits, it would be only guilty of "bad management" but not "misappropriation of funds". As for the board, it is just a case of "bad judgement" rather than corruption or anything similar. Just a thought.

By the way, if you are wondering whether I was at the PAP Conference? Let's just say, maybe..just maybe... :P

Article on PM Lee eh. Since we have heard much about his economic plans (unless he gt some secret master plan which he haven't unveil yet, then tell us lol). Perhaps u can tell us more about his political leanings. Is he a closet liberal or is he more like an iron fist in velvet glove?

Oh I would also like to know more about Mr Wong Kan Seng. He seems to be a rising star, it is quite a surprise that he become DPM. And also the rumours that he is related to our PM (married to his cousin) maybe u can try to verify or disprove it.

Hi bro

Will try to find out but that would have to be in around December. Anyway, let's see if elections occurs in January or just before Chinese New Year.

If not, the wait will have to be longer. Economically, the time is now for elections but there are some issues that is the weak spot of PAP. I can't really explicitly state it but just a clue..."look east".


Hmmm... east ehh?

Well eastern side is certainly getting lotsa goodies recently and many ppl from the "east" is coming to spore nowadays... Wondering which are u refering to... maybe both? lol

Anyway u shd be busy with your exams around this time. So gd luck for your exam.

Hi At82

Thanks, and yes, I'm really busy with exams right now. On of the best ways to clamp down on any form of student activism is to give them more work, exams and projects...haha

For the "East Side" thingy, it can mean a lot of things...leadership changes, "unfulfilled" promises...etc. Not very apparent, but LHL knows that there are some issues he would have to tackle before going to elections... ;)


Hmmm i see... hur hur... ;)

Hi at82,
Allow me to bury the story that Wong Kan Seng is related to the PM. He comes from a very humble background whose mother raised 4 daughters and 1 son by selling noodles. Two of his sisters died of cancer, and a third had a breast removed. I'm curious why he hasn't been exactly hitting the popularity charts. Is it because he once challenged Jeyaratnam to take a cut in his MP allowance?

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