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Wednesday, August 17, 2005 

Coming Soon: PAP Meet-the-People Session

What happens behind the opened (& closed doors) of the Meet-the-People Session? This is a system, that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), UMNO of Malaysia and Thailand recent came to PAP to observe and copy. The Meet-the-People Session isn't a walkabout for Members of Parliament, but a political vehicle to serve their voters and for the leaders to "feel" the ground. It was deemed so important by the PAP Leaders that all MPs must attend their Meet-the-People Session if they are present in Singapore (not on overseas assignment).

More of that and the happenings behind these PAP centres soon.....

As you have asked me I thought it only fair and polite that I ask you in return. By the way my answer is in the comment section of my blog.

Are you a friend of LHL or the PAP? Just wondering, since you have so much links with the incumbant and network of people to feed you with information...how are you associated with the local politics in anyway?

Hi Soci

I've replied you in your blog comments. I'm nothing more than an ordinary Singaporean walking in the streets, without a political membership but cares on the happenings of Singapore Politics.


care to try it out and where u stand?

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

Hi Rohaiya

Thanks for your comments and opinions on my blog (singaporegovt). I totally empathize with you and your situation. It is wonderful to hear that you remain postive and motivated in dealing with the odds. Maybe just to share with you on certain points which may or may not be of help or related to your situation. And I am not trying to defend the government's point of view on that but just to share some pointers.

I guess the indirect discrimination you experienced is much detested by most people (including me as well). A lot of such discrimination exist in the private sector but it is difficult for the government to regulate. The reason being, it is hard to convict someone who discriminates another's race or religion as the person might just express that it is based on the job qualifications, scope or simply because he is the one paying and employing. Thus, he would argue that he has the freedom or the rights to choose who he employs. I do personally find such people detestably and bad. But people do have their own biasness and prefernces. As much as we hated it, we just have to live with it and move on to prove our worth.

As for the government sector, they have tried to employ the same proportions of miniorities as the percentage of the population and does not discriminate the one based on race or religion. However, with each Ministry downsizing their budget and financial resources by 2% a year, they have employment freeze in many Ministries. As such, many people are turned down by the Ministries.

Nonetheless, with your positive attitude and proficiency, you will be able to find a job to tap on your talents one day. Perhaps, you might wish to try job matching with Workforce Development Agency as well. I guess you might have consulted with you local MP on the job matching and as such, they referred you to the CDC. As CDC usually deals with the lesser educated population and have only job contacts for those, you might wish to look into newspaper advertisements, job advertisements or even employment fairs and exhibitions to seek better job opportunities.

But I agree with you that we need to look into this problem, that not just plague our society but in other countries as well. Once again, thanks for reading and best wishes in your job search. Btw, there is no need to inform me of your contact number or NRIC. If you feel uncomfortable with it on the blogsite, do let me know, I'll remove it on your behalf at your wish. Thanks and Take care!


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