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Tuesday, March 14, 2006 

General Elections Snippets: Myth or Truth?

1) It is true that the PAP government ever discussed with the oppositions over the S$13,500 election deposit per candidate?

During the Remaking Singapore Committee chaired by Dr Vivian Balakrishnan, the topic of changing the election deposit was discussed. Some opposition members were consulted, and among whom was a seasoned politician who was unable to stand for GE due to a defamation suit. In conclusion to the discussion, the opposition figured that the amount should remain the same (not lower, not higher). The reason is that lowering the deposit will lead more 3-way fights and would reduce the share of votes in the opposition camps. This might result in the opposition losing their GE deposit if their votes are lower than certain percentage. Increasing the amounts would lead to difficulties in contesting for 6-member GRCs. Thus, that senior opposition supported the figure of S$13,500.

2) It is true that video recording and uploading political rallies online (sgrally.com) are against the law?

According to the controversial Section 33 of the Films Act, the making, distribution and exhibition of "party political films", are subjected to a fine not exceeding $100,000 or to imprisonment for a term not exceeding 2 years. The Act further defines a "party political film" as a film;

(a) which is an advertisement made by or on behalf of any political party in Singapore or any body whose objects relate wholly or mainly to politics in Singapore, or any branch of such party or body; or ;

(b) which is made by any person and directed towards any political end in Singapore
Exception are, however, made for films "made solely for the purpose of reporting of current events", or informing or educating persons on the procedures and polling times of elections or referenda.

Note: One of the Minister of State (who is also a MP in a SMC) made a short video on his constituency and featured the PAP insignia, he was asked to destroy the entire batch of VCDs. Of course, he did so. This is one example which the PAP applied the law on themselves too.

However, the usage of internet as a medium for this Act is unclear. But there is an unspoken mitigation to this. Should a person upload election rallies into a blog with local domains such as “www.sgrally.blogspot.com”, the person is traceable and liable to the Films Act. However, it the website is a worldwide domain such as “www.sgrally.com” or “www.sgrally.org”, the Act is unenforceable even though it contravenes with it. The reason is that dotcoms are hosted overseas in countries such as USA, technically, it is untraceable. Even if Singapore Authorities knew who the person is, enforcing the law to him would be difficult due to the cross-judiciary with another country. Thus, this law is expected to be reviewed and possibly modified, after the elections (considering that there isn’t sufficient time to read the law in parliament from now to elections date).

3) It is true that J.B. Jeyaratnam has sufficient money to clear his bankruptcy and stand for elections?

JBJ stated that he has arranged for a court hearing session scheduled on Tuesday, 14 March 2006 (now adjourned to 28 March at the request of JBJ), to clear his bankruptcy charges. Few days ago, he announced to Straits Times that he has finally got enough money, S$600,000, to clear the bankruptcy charges as well as to stand in a 6-member ward in the coming GE. If he is true on this, it would suggest that he has at least S$681,000 to clear his debts as well as stand for a 6-member GRC (notwithstanding the money needed for campaign process). Is he calling a bluff, met a rich guy or has he struck TOTO? The question is: if he has the money, where did his new found wealth came from?

Not implying any conclusions (make your own judgment on this issue), allow me to bring you back to 12 January 2006, Raffles City Convention Centre. George Soros was in town discussing on the issue of Open Society and Its Challenges. During the forum, he mentioned that “Singapore does not qualify as an open society.” Without mentioning names, Soros referred to a local politician who he said was “in trouble in Singapore because he has been sued for libel and he's been bankrupt and would not be able to stand for parliament.” Soros is founder and chairman of the Open Society Institute, a network of philanthropic organizations active in more than 50 countries. This institute funds and promotes democratic governance and human rights activities. Apparently, on the same day of the forum, J.B. Jeyaratnam was spotted outside the convention centre selling his books. Once again, I would like to stress that it is a possibility but not a conclusion.

A lot of skeptics have doubts on whether will Singapore’s judiciary delay processing JBJ’s case or process the case at normal pace (in which is likely and normally takes weeks or months). In short, will JBJ’s case be processed in time for the Elections? From a friend in the judiciary, I gathered that if JBJ has the money to clear his bankruptcy, the judiciary is likely to expedite the case to clear it before the elections. Two reasons for this: Firstly, the judiciary has been much maligned by the foreign press and media on the treatment of opposition members. The last thing they need is a judiciary controversy to explode in their faces. This is the LHL’s first GE as the Prime Minister and would not want any controversy to say that he is fearful of challenges or win it unfairly. This leads to the second reason: So far, all the past controversies (eg: NKF, Casino) have subsided and would not want to have a judiciary controversy on JBJ to throw their plans off course. Singaporeans’ perception of fairness has increased very much over the years. Should they play the judiciary card on JBJ’s case, Singaporeans will react strongly against the PAP even though they might not support JBJ. This will lead to another NKF-like controversy and aftermath. PM and his Ministers knows this and will not be forcing out JBJ unfairly.

4) Will Prime Minister’s ward (Ang Mo Kio GRC) be contested?

Sylvia Lim, Chairman of Workers' Party, says: “The four GRCs we have named, we may not go to all the four as we are still deciding which are our priorities - that is the likely scenario.” This is in reference to Aljunied GRC, East Coast GRC, Ang Mo Kio GRC and Sembawang GRC. The Workers’ Party is adopting the wait-and-see attitude on J.B. Jeyaratnam’s bankruptcy case. Should JBJ be able to stand, his former party might encourage him to contest in Ang Mo Kio GRC. Two reasons for this:

1) JBJ did fairly well in the battle of Cheng San GRC in 1997 with 45% of the votes against PAP’s Lee Yock Suan. Considering that PAP rolled in the “big guns”, with the likes of Lee Kuan Yew, Goh Chok Tong, Lee Hsien Loong and Tony Tan, JBJ still managed 44,132 votes. The Cheng San GRC of those days is absorbed mainly by Ang Mo Kio GRC and partly by Aljunied GRC as well as Pasir Ris-Ponggol GRC. Contesting in his old battleground might yield him a good number of votes.

2) JBJ is 81 years old and he knows that he doesn’t have many years left in him. This is likely to be his last chance to enter the parliament. Thus, he has to solve his inner dilemma of whether to contest in a ward (weak GRC or weak SMC) that is likely to give him a good chance of entering parliament or should he aim for the maximum publicity by challenging the PM’s GRC. Given his age, he might want to go out with a bang and challenge the son of the man who sued him. Maybe he is not so concern with entering parliament but more of generating publicity and a statement to the public and to the world. Time (meaning his age) is not on his side, he has to make the maximum impact in the shortest time. This was one of the reasons why he contested in Cheng San GRC in 1997 when, during then, most would consider it as a strong ward. Today, what better way to return to politics by keeping the PM on his toes?

5) Will Elections be held in March or April? Do the MPs and Ministers know of the date?

Many speculated that GE will be at the March school holidays but it won’t. Reason being, that the Queen Elizabeth is coming to Singapore for an official visit on 16-18 March 2006. It wouldn’t be appropriate for Singapore to be without a government during an official visit from such important dignities. Moreover, it is too taxing for the Ministers and Civil Servants to plan both activities concurrently.

3 April was slated to be next parliamentary seating. 1 May is the day where the Progress Package will be active. In other words, May will be the month where “money will be put into the people’s pockets”. The question is whether the “money in the pockets” or “waiting for money to be in the pockets” is more favourable to PAP. I would choose the latter. If you noticed, most of the Ministers are not assigned to overseas visits from late March to late-April. This is, however, not a directive from the PM, but the Ministers themselves trying not to be away too often, in case of elections being called.

It is often said that Ministers and MPs knew ahead of when the GE date will be. From my sources, this is not that case. Not even the Cabinet Ministers know of the actual date of the GE. As if one person (Minister) knew, it will spread fairly quickly to other MPs and soon, the population. Other than the Prime Minister himself, perhaps only the inner circle would know the rough date. This might include MM, SM, and the two DPMs. DPM Wong Kan Seng, is likely to be one of the first few to know of the expected date of the GE as not only is he the DPM and 1st Asst Secretary General, he is also the Chairman of the PAP HQ Executive Committee. Thus, he is the main person coordinating the logistics, equipment and stuff needed to prepare for the elections. But for the other Ministers and MP, they are kept in the dark on the dates.

could it be true that the PAP has consulted fengshui masters on an appropriate election time period ... (and have had a conclusion/reading from the masters)

what say you?

nice to see u post again trasy. could u be one of the under 30s candidates that PM is talking abt? lolz

Hi at82

Unfortunately for me, and fortunately for PAP, they wouldn't need to endure my whining. Haha...don't think I've enough merit and depth to be their candidate. Maybe I've been too much of a "deepthroat" and critic from the inside. ;P

Hi wows

Under LKY's time, I heard he was quite into fengshui. There was a rumour that it was under the advise of a high monk (passed away couple of year ago) that he stepped down as the PM, if not, he will suffered a backlash. However, that is just a urban legend.

I don't the current leaders believed in it.


hehe Thrasy

Waaaah tok kong post! Wat abt the question wheder if the opposition can win a GRC and under wat conditions their success is more likely? hehe

JBJ... this GE is his last tango so maybe dat means he going all out 2 hands guns blazing. Oredi the hints of him paying his debt... wink wink, join a GRC with Chee, maybe stomp on the toes of his former comrades-in-arms in the process, show dat election 2006 is not abt PM Lee's first GE as PM, but JBJ's swan song GE.

Oso, nice revamp of blog. Colour scheme nice.

Hi Void Deck

Thanks! Appreciate that! Well, if I know how to win the GRC from the hands of PAP, I could have sold the idea to the oppositions. But I don't! Haha...

Seriously, it would take a few Elections for them to have a chance in a GRC. The problem is that the PAP is darn good in providing economic wealth to the people. Opposition can't compete on that ground. If I were the oppositions, I'd look for the GRC with the most young people, and compete on issues other than economic, try to build a 30-35% votes...then build on that for the subsequence GE with the same team.

Just my 0.002 cents worth.


Actually, im not so concern with the election. Im more concern what happened to singapore reserves - taxpayers money.

It's a common knowledge that singapore is a rich country and if we are, why arent singaporeans enjoying the fruits of the labour? why are singaporeans still slogging so hard to lead a life?

To grow old and not retire to enjoy life for all the hardwork you made...it's really a sad thought, isnt it?

I beg to differ. Are we not enjoying the fruits of our labour? Owning a property, having access to good education, having heavily subsidised education and medical care etc. Are we to become a welfare state in order to enjoy the fruits of our labour? How much is enough? No matter how much the Govt dishes out, we'd still grumble that it isn't enough and ask for more. When we can, we ought to save and invest for a rainy day. Perhaps, we might not truly enjoy the fruits of our hardwork in our lifetime, but, we are pathing the road for our kids or grandkids. We can never know when the next financial crisis will smack us across the face. We have to be prepared. Ie have sufficient monetary arsenal to withstand future adversities...


i agree with Tay.

i think a lot of 'hardship cases' (of course not all la. but a lot) are due to poor financial planning, spending too much when the going is good.

you see that a lot in my generation (people in mid-20s early 30s). credit card bills skyrocketing and for what? for things that we don't really need.

i truly believe that our lives have gotten better. it's just that it's not gotten better fast enough to keep pace with our expectations.

and is the government's fault that that is the case? partially. but the greater fault lies with the people.

When you have billions in the reserve, are we not entitled to enjoy the benefits? If you do realise that our the return from our investment is extremely low, like 1%, what is the point of investing? And have you not thought of the loss through investment? Millions of money would have lost through bad foresight and decisions, or simply change in legislation, political structure in foreign land.

Anyway, one who sees for the govt is foolish not to think for him/herself, or must have received lots of benefits from it.

There is saying'Love is blind' well, i would like to add 'Faith too'

wow, your post is getting more and more interesting!

i'm surprised that the $13,500 deposit was actually supported by a veteran opposition!

curious.. how much is considered enough?
"one who sees for the govt is foolish not think for him/herself, or must have received lots of benefits from it." I beg to differ.


Of course nothing is enough in this world if you want everything. But in this situation, we can quite safely say we have enough and, as a matter of fact, ask for more than we are entitled, wouldn't you agree?

Since you beg to differ, are you the foolish one?

Not agreeing to your statement does not mean that foolishness. Neither does it mean that one has to receive benefits from the Government...

I think it is naive to assume that JBJ has to depend on some overseas source of funds. His two sons both draw mega-salaries, one as SC and one as a finance whiz. If they decide to pay up, there is no need for Soros money

Hi guys,

Just a few quick comments.

Anonymous, maybe you haven't already know, JBJ didn't have a good relations with his sons, especially Philip Jeyaratnam. JBJ, always felt that his son was too pro-PAP.

Amatu & Tay, Actually, just to add some pointers for your consideration, in less than 5 years, the Sgovt have given more than S$10.675 Billion to the people. This amount is without the inclusion of tax rebates and incentives. If you throw in the economic shares and Singapore shares, no other financial instruments would give u premium plus GDP growth kind of returns.

Obviously, we wouldn't want to make Singapore a welfare state. The question is then how to "teach them to fish", rather than to "give them fish directly". I think the govt given much to the people, but it is always tempting to say the money from our reserves should be transferred to the pockets of the people. Bear in mind, to help a person, is not to give them money constantly, but how to help him earn money constantly. Positive discrimination is still discrimination.

Locky2ky, Thanks man! Appreciate that. Hope this is useful.

Agree with T



In this instance, do you agree when one is down with a serious illnes which is going to be extremely costly and it's better to die since he/she cant afford for the medical expenses or it just make better economic sense by the argument that he/she is going to die soon so why waste the money?

Do sg citizens not rightfully deserve the monetary benefits?

I am not proposing for a welfare state where money is given to the jobless. I feel that since there are abundance in the reserves, providing some benefits for free to its citizens would be logical instead of investing. This policy would only do good for any political party.

Hi Amatu

Many laymen often complain on the medical cost. Now, here is a "myth or truth" thing. My grandpa, 84, just came out from a public hospital for a heart related. The bill amounts to around $9k+. The govt subside amounted to more than $7K++. The rest was paid via his medisave, medishield and hardly his CPF. After this warding for more than 2 weeks. He paid zero cash.

I'd argue that the high medical cost of hospital is quite a myth. If you are very poor, there are social help available to make the treatment and warding totally free. Many that have not went to the public hospital had this perception of the medical fees.

So maybe you would like to review the question again. Just a thought. No offense.


Hi T:

Did u know u have been "today-ed"? But unfortunately it is in article on if we bloggers are violating the election laws. lolz...

As medical cost i do know that if u choose to stay in class C or 2b wards when u are hospitalised it isn't that bad really.

However the cost for long term illnesses like kidney failure and cancers are, in my opinion, very costly for most sporeans. More could probably be done in this aspect.

However if had not remember wrongly there is a recent change in policy whereby ppl can now use more of their medisave to pay for their treatments for cancer patients. I would say it is a very good, if not belated move.

Hi at82

Yes, to my shock this morning. Anyway, at least they didn't put the blog name. Wouldn't want unwelcomed attention.


Reading through the discussions make me felt hopeless...

Nothing will change if people insist on such thinking.

There are no fix-it-all-always thingy in politics. And if Singapore has to be Singapore in progress, then it'd have to at least maintain a certain level of governance.

If there should need such a time to touch the reserve, why not? As long as it is not a waste of monies. If we look at this budget alone, we'd realise that monies dispensed ain't done critically.

So the problem is not really on whether to touch the reserves or not. It's just the sort of handling allocation of resources.

As for medical cost, let's not seek shelter in one or two examples which are too general. There is no way we can predict people will all get medical problems as T's grandpa. And it's true for every of those who would be 66% ill once over a period of time, there would be 34% who'd be ill for more than once.

And don't forget, you have to have work to accumulate medisave and so on. And the scheme is not covering everything. Only with hard cash can you cover everything.

Now the problem is that a lot of cash are just tied up in a pretty bad condition and uncertain future.

The whole point of all these arguments up there is it's just mean problems will remain problems and all the assumptions are to be valid.

Besides, it's very easy to say to teach people on how to fish... But in drought, when some are getting peanuts, where are you going to fish with tons of fishers in a dry tiny pond?

That's precisely why the same old f**king ideas repeat itself through the crisis and people are stuck.

It really a textbook based governance as if there is some damn 10years series... And I am not buying any of such governance.

There are hardship cases of family whose work command $500 to $800 a month, and those jobless or retrenched on and off... Now how can you help them to plan financially?

And we are not addressing to those who have earning powers to apply for credit cards obviously!

I'm finding it very absurd here.

Hey there Elfred,

Welcome to this absurd world and hopeless discussions. So if I got you correctly, the problems can be down to one source? Bad governance?

Now, just wondering, is there any government in this world that qualifies your "good governance" status? Or maybe if you are the government for one electoral term, what would you do? I'm sure in reference to your "old f**king ideas comment", you have new ones to impress us. Okay, this is an unfair question, so feel free not to answer it.

Just another hopeless discussion, where there are "statistics, more statistics and damn lies"...



Hahaha. Yea, Elfred. It's definitely a good decision to be a quitter ;)

I just dont understand why singaporeans have to think from the govt perspectives. Apparently, they dont have a view of their own and happily following the sherperd. How lovely.

T, credits definitely have to be given to you for your work on singapore history, as far as you have done, and hopefully you continue the good work. Also please present history as accurate as it is.

As for the discussion, each has his/her own views and very unlikely to change so i dont see a point furthering it. But remember this: one day, singapore will fall to its knees and you will live to see it.

Good luck and have fun.

Hi amatu

I'm sure you felt more incline to elfred. Drop me a mail, I'll email you the link to him.

We all have our views. It is fine even if we don't see eye to eye.

Well, let's see if this day comes. I'll be sure to hold by breath then. ;P



Don't be a kpo. My blog is to be left alone.

T, let me answer you simply if there is one govt that the leader ever made it clear that Singapore is unique and needs to be well governed... plus if we good lousy leaders we fall and might never come back, bla bla bla...

And I am talking about Singapore and its governance. Your making a case by resorting to this comparison defeats the purpose.

I don't think that leader is telling us he's running USA or Malaysia, hence the governance.

Which is, I agree with him. And here, I also say this is bad governance for Singapore.


If you really receive the link, just don't tell others. My blog is pretty critical and somehow... there are things and whys usual people normally catch no balls.

I am not hostile to T, but I have to be frank materials as JBJ (and sons) can be obtained in a book. (I read, but can't recall). And to us who have a certain knowledge level in local politics, T's just transferring the materials online. Which is why I hope he'd progress beyond this.

Amathu, you really need to think from the government's perspective, and only then can you debate with them on their grounds. No mind telling you, I was with the PAP a couple of years. :)

It's pointless to say things are bad. Look at how I argue with T and put across that 'people with earning powers to apply credit cards... bla bla bla' in the area of 'hardship. And how I want T to be focused to refrain using comparison to gain a case.

Anyone who have personally argued with me know it's not easy.

You see, in politics, anything is possible. Say, you can have very high ministerial wage in the 80s with less forceful whinings against it in the late 90s. What I want you to see is the nature of politics way beyond scholaristic approach. In this, you create history as a leader, and the people studied the history in 10 years series and become scholars.

I have made use of MM's thinking on politics, and hence his stances many times to handle PAP's usual rantings. You have to think like a government to handle another government, see? Yuo have to think the way MM thinks to argue with MM's policy. Only then can we make a point across to PAP and MM.

To be frank, I don't really know I'd quit or even if I quit, I'd return or not. Nobody knows. Only history knows. As a thinker... you have to accept that, and who have imagined David Marshal to be serving Singapore under PAP? If PMO helps me to prosper, chances are even if I am happily prospering outside but I may be back to assist his Singapore. If no help, naturally it's curse I offer. All histories have their courses.

Now while we are making histories, even turn and choice twist history abit. As T wrote in his blog, if Mr Toh never get the fellas to register as a party, there won't be PAP; There won't be PM Lee; There won't be MM Lee... and Singapore will change.

If there is no Rajaratnam, David Marshall will not have done more.

No matter what will happen to Singapore and to myself, it really depends on the major players in politics in front and behind stage.

Maybe someday you will enter politics, T may suddenly realise something and team up with me. A nation's future means a possibility can make events turn.

Understand, Amathu, that while T thinks he's right, he may not be right for Singapore. The communists thought they were right. So had the Tunku thought he was right on LKY.

But it's still you that matters. Wish me luck.

Damn typo again... :D

Pai sei. Ciao.

Hey there

The discussion threads just got longer.

I still haven't heard from you on which govt you think come closes to your "good governance". Or is there one in the first place? Don't mistaken me, in saying that I want you to compare it against cases. But I am just wondering your ideal model of goverance. :P

Your comments "complements" yourself the best. (if you know what I mean) ;P



If there must be one, then let it be my type of governance. :D

Alright, the PAP governance in the 60s~80s was relatively good.

The good governance starts from having the good servants in place. The governance is no model.

And for myself, good governance means I'd find a suitable career soon. :D

I don't understand what you mean, but I am sure you won't wanna compare govts to Singapore.

If you wanna know what is ideal governance, let's team up, contest and be the government, then I'd show you the ideal governance. :)

No matter, this current level of governance is definitely not satisfactory.

I have never seen such thick skin in defending of quality participation of parliament in all the absence and sometimes even dozing off.

I find it difficult to buy the idea of having higher cost and lower wages, and to manage it over 20 years by pushing properties prices so high.

I find it absurd that there are families allowed to work on a wage of $500 a month.

I find wholesome that 190 basic of homes are snatched by banks would be insignificant.

I find it totally incredible that the govt finds people to be rich to own handphones which for a city as Singapore is getting necessary.

I find it hard to understand with such highly paid cabinet and such great A-s archievers leading Singapore that they have more monies for raising President's wages, spend billions in upgrades and no monies to subsidise that education fees have to rise, transport cost has to rise, and even NKF is going after people to pay for what services donors paid for when it got millions of reserves.

If poor people are sitting on hundreds of thousands of 99years leasehold assets, then this NKF is sitting on a multi-millions building and vehicles... and I wonder why the thinking has to be double standard.

And I don't understand how in the hack can financial planning helps a family of 5 when the combined wages are around $1200. And how we can help them out of the poverty cycle with such peanuts.

Not to mention, I cannot understand why rents are revising upwards or maintained even when an entire street is empty for most of the time. Do you realise that to rent a tiny stall in some pasar malum for a short period of time cost you $3000?

And I don't understand what economy is Singapore becoming when GLCs are so influencial in this small pie that even NTUC wants to be listed when it is union. And open the TV. Mediacorp changed names over time, got privatised for good years, and what kind of standards is it?

I also do not understand when will the government stop defending the obvious and assume people'd just buy all those defences.

T, don't be self-denying. You know you yourself have no idea of how to govern, and if the government cannot do better, you ain't even suitable to defend for them. What do you know?

And here, we are facing a great unemployment figure which you'd find when growth rates were much higher registered many years back.

Now, do you think I am a fool or what?

And is this only all?

True. Imperfections are normal. But this is too abnormal; especially when we go all out to keep defending "I look so silly to have defended Durai..." after many years of NKF fooling big time around.

Notwithstanding Mediacorp's performance, but which minister is going to say "I look so silly..." and go on defending next?

Can MM seriously and honestly tell himself that this is the dream team which returns a dream situation for Singapore and Singaporeans as myself.

And if problems are insignificant and we have so much more resources in the past to solve problems... Solve them.

I am looking for their help as well.

This is not complains. Although you are 25yo, you should know what makes sense and what don't. Amathu may not be so much into research, nor had he any political experiences... But if he is a citizen of Singapore, he is not inclined to me, but to Singapore's situation surrounding him.

Be mature, T. And I don't take sides for the sake of taking it. Ask around.


I suppose I'm getting too frustrated nowadays. I see no point... Just ignore the long-winded posts up there.


(Yawn) You know, I really hope for good fresh air in some land of my own. This bunch of political stuffs shouldn't be my concern anymore.

It's the next batch of young people who should try do something.

When I was your age, about then I met my current wife. She is the most precious thing I ever got in Singapore. She's from China. And nothing is more important compare to her, including what passion and dwindling morale for local politics.

Yes... She's the most important thing of all.

So long, Mr T. Wish me all the good luck to be able to fly to her asap. Maybe you are right that it's not all is not well in Singapore.

Hi Elfred

Maybe you might not know me well or my intentions for this blog. This blog was meant solely for information on the singaporegovt and singapore politics. As far as possible, I tried to make this blog free from my own biasness and just based it on information. Maybe I didn't do such a good job for you not to notice. Anyway, contrary to what you think, I am not one who blindly defends the entity like some soccer fan.

I've my biasness over issues and do share some dissatisfaction over certain policies. So don't get me wrong that I defend the PAP down to my last breath. We always like to throw the entire govt into one single entity to simplify things. That is immature to say the least. Ministries to ministries may run very differently and I do have my grumbles against certain Ministries, Ministers and policies. I wouldn't want to mention more other than, my hate list does includes MOT, MOE, LTA and MCYS.

Maybe you think you know me and my thoughts, but seriously, judging from your comments, you don't know me at all. Btw, following your egoistic footsteps, I wouldn't bother to find out who you are, what you do or even ask anyone about you. Seriously, judge not, or be judged. If I may say, you did a terrible job in judging people too. May I also add that maturity also comes with the element that you do not know-it-all and not think that you know the people inside-out. I, for one, do not think that I know-it-all. But at least I don't proclaim that I know you well. So my advise to you, as well, is be mature. ;P

I think there are two types of people, one who questions and blames but never provides solution (the know-it-all), and another who went through the thought-process and finds solutions to the questions he/she poses. Both not referring to you.

I am also sick of these circular long arguments as well. Let's just say, all these is due to the lack of understand with one another (another shortcoming of internet communications). Whatever it is, glad that you found your true love and best wishes to both of you all.

Let's end our conversation here. No offense taken, and no offense to you.


Hi Elfred,

Thanks for your advice. Politics is probably not for me. What is good for others may not be good for me. And the world is in such a wretch state that it sickens me whenever i see the news. Hence, i dont see a point going against the regime. I will want to see how far it can rot till.

Hi T,

Im sure you will be alive and well when it happen. My guess is 20 years from now, or earlier ;)

Dear Ah Tee.


After all people'd have their opinions based on their inclination and understand on issues.

There's a chinese word不在其位不谋其事。I don't know what type I am to anyone but as a citizen, my job is to grumble as and when there are problems.

But I don't think on open plain that you can defend PAP to the last place even if you want to... :D Not everyone is as clueless as the oppositions in politics.

Thanks... I'd find my love... I hope.


The issue of a regime and so as well as politics is not just to go against or along.

We face it, we face it. You'd be a politician when situation demands it.

Whether there are problems with the leadership, the state and so on, I am very clear with myself.

The most important thing now is to observe the players the incumbent have decided on, and from there you can tell or confirm where the party is heading, hence the state, the people, you and me.

Go to YP forum and participate.

Emm... No world is perfect lah, Amatu. But for a pile of barren rocks as Singapore... the government, one which is reliable to care for people as myself who is stuck, is necessary.


"No world is perfect, lah".
True, but I also believe that "The only thing necessary for evil to flourish is for good men to do nothing."
My 7 year cried to no end when he lost his NKF donation card. His form teacher also panicked - must make police report. So my kid must be the youngest ever to file a police report at the nearest NPP. Later when I had the opportunity to mention this casually to a minister, he laughed it off, saying the police have better things to do. Now, just how many do you think have gone through this crap, thinking it was a law we had to abide with? I gave the PR person at NKF a earful over this, the traumatic experience of my child still fresh on my mind. That's when she confessed that recently they have stopped making the unnecessary demand (of making police report). Somebody else must have beat me to it in in making a protest over the lie.

Hi Micky

Yes, NKF really pushed many to the edge of revolt. As a charity org, they simply lost their whole purpose. Around 2001, MOH sent several Ministry reps to their board meetings but were forced out on many occasions. It was only a matter of time that they got slammed by the people.

Let's just see if the authorities managed to sling some charges at the board and Durai.


It just occurred to me that the PAP is actually grooming the Opposition for Singapore. It knows that Singaporeans desperately want an alternative voice, but fears that this desperation may drive Singaporeans to make a reckless choice.

So it has been letting the weak die a natural death, curbing the dangerous ones (say the SDP which relies on overseas sponsorship, a move that the PAP disapproves of vehemently) and almost falling over itself in recommending better parties like the WP. (and also doing the WP's job of weeding out incompetents like Gomez)

It probably has decided to, rather than fight the tide, manage it. And Singaporeans are so well trained and indoctrinated in the PAP's style that they have supported the Opposition party that is most like the PAP.

While I used to wonder whether the PAP might even try to stage manage a split in the party, I realise that this is dangerous in that what started out as a "wayang" might take a life of its own. And they can't afford to have insiders be on the opposing side, with all the inside knowledge and damaging information cf Francis Seow

I hope Chiam See Tong grooms a replacement quickly. By the next election, it would be quite a stretch for him to be re-elected at 76.

And I'm wondering whether the PAP will make a U-turn on its unpopular upgrading priority policy. I'm wondering this because it has ironically been a new cause for the Opposition and tarnished its image as a clean party that only wants to serve the country (which it does, really). So the real question isn't so much if they will change the policy but how public will they make it. Will it subtly and partially let upgrading plans in Potong Pasir and Hougang be approved? Or will it make a big show of it and admit the unpopularity of it, hoping for a kiss and make up with the population (and thereby trying to score points by showing it listens to the people, you don't need Opposition for that etc), esp if Chiam doesn't manage to groom a successor soon enough (therefore assuming that in any case Chiam won't be able to hold on to the next election).

And by the way, thanks for a v informative blog. So could you throw some light on the entire Francis Seow matter? He would've been the most formidable opposition candidate and I think he had the PAP by the short and curlies, absolutely terrified.

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