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Saturday, January 21, 2006 

Note: My Email Address

Dear All,

Please note that I've added my email address on the side, for all your "verbal abuse", "threats" and complaints. Just kidding, please be kind to me!

However, this email will be not checked regularly. As such, for better attention and effects, please leave your comments at the comments page (for which it will be directly reflected in my primary email box.


as a young sporean n hving served NS wads ur views on draft dodgers?

at82 pls comment 2

lao uncle din serve NS so dunno ar paiseh hehe

Hi Wolong

Here's my 2-cent worth...

From the perspective of nationalism and the nation-state we are, there is no excuse to dodge national service. While many would think that it is a chore and "torture" in NS, I think it is more of an education. Understandably, it is tough in NS, the lessons of life and the maturity that is developed in hardship with Singaporeans from all walks of life are far more valuable that the perceived 2 years duty.

However, there will be critics who will question the very need for National Service in the name of democracy. I'd say that these people are either unpatrotic or have served NS with their eyes shut. It is important that the duty of every citizen is to defend their home land...That unquestioned loyalty and duty should never be doubted.

Many thought that the world is their "oyster" but Singapore is their only home.


what do u think of sin boo ann comments? wad if bill gates is a sporean n draft dodger?

in which vocation did u serve? which unit? rank?

gms v active in his blog. u went there? lol

throughout the ages who hv nt shed blood 4 their beloved country? yuefei yuan chonghuan han shizhong etc etc

gms asking 4 help in his blog go n c lol

Hi Wolong,

Yes, I saw...

Might be interesting to see what the WP manifesto has to offer.

As for which unit I'm from, let's not let the author reveal too much too soon...haha...


Y wp giv manifesto 2 media free n public got 2 buy?

y wp wana hold referendum on casino issue?

y wp name those wards they r keen to contest on?

http://www.channelnewsasia.com/stories/singaporelocalnews/view/189345/1/.html c how dr ng rebut them solid lehhhhhh lol

To wolong:

While I know the NS is important for the Nation, I dislike the way it is implemented. I think the very least is to pay the all army personnel of the same rank and vocation and appointment the same wage irregardless of if they are NSF or regular.

Personally I think if they are gg to make us do 2.5yrs now 2yrs of NS and many more yrs of reservist, they shd at least pay us decently and equally and pls no more white horse (i think they say dun haf liao but who knows).

NS? We are better off without it. Thank you very much.

at82 told u rite y their manifesto no gd rite c how dr ng rebut them

we r better off without ted

Thrasymachus how u find dr ng rebuttal? gd rite? trold u all liao dun believe but its worse than wad i imagine OMG!!!

gms will be writing on the 4 "time bombs" shortly lets c how he respond to it.

u must trust old uncle here ginger older spicier rite? lol

Hi guys

I expected the rebuttal but was wondering who will be the one rebutting. Eventually Dr Ng came up. I guess it is significant for the 3 Ministers to speak up on Elections, Dr Ng, Dr Vivian and Tharman. Simply cos they are the likely ones who will head new GRCs. There is no need for 2 full Cabinet Minister to be in the same GRC. Bishan-Toa Payoh (Dr Ng and Wong Kan Seng), Holland-Bukit Panjang (Lim Swee Say and Vivian) and Jurong (Lim Boon Heng and Tharman). While are GRCs older anchor Ministers are likely to vacate (Jalan Besar - Lee Boon Yang), (Sembawang - Tony Tan) and maybe (East Coast - Jayakumar).

We will wait and see...

ya we shall n c how WP reply so wad u think of their manifesto ? is dr ng rite?

Hi Wolong

I haven't got a copy of the WP manifesto so I can't really comment on it entirely. But judging from what I read from ST (which can be quite a mouthpiece of the PAP) Dr Ng seems to be valid in saying these are quite radical and unnecessary pointers.

To wolong:

Well my thoughts on the "time bombs" are way too long to be posted here. I have posted it on my blog and u can view it here

Need no old foggies like wolong too.

u shld noe who is nt needed here lol supporting WP rite? y? from far v brave rite? dun dare 2 step onto spore soil again? lol onli ppl who r far away dare 2 make a lor of noise lol y? hvnt accepted my challenge to call me a pap dog lol go ahead n do tht n make sure u cum bk 2 spore i shall c u lol

ppl like u r nt 2 be seriously taken far far away has got no guts 2 return? has got no guts 2 accept my challenge? has got no guts 2 face me step in2 e political arena n tel me which side u on where u helping out in the nxt GE n ur party will face a CRUSHING DEFEAT!!!

You must be unemployed or maybe you are employed to post nonsense on the web. What a nice election ploy.

ohhhhhh reali? wad r u then? wp mbr? wp supporter? tel ltk amend his party manifesto

ehhhhhh do u sound like wp? wave off ppl challenges? lol y wp wana touch on other issues instead of concentrating on the 4 "time bombs" tht dr ng raised? y? may i know? scared ar? of wad dr ng say is true?

dare 2 put it up in ur manifesto but when challenged buck off wana toke on something else wad kind of a opp is tht? may i know? we in the pap nvr ducked away from any issue we debate won the ppl trust since 59 and many yrs 2 come u hope WP in power? in ur dreams!!! lol

typical opp supporter nothing else when he cant outtalk u say something else lol

so at82 n Thrasymachus u c for urself ar wad kind of person he is

i'm glad 2 say the eelctorate is nt like u if nt.............

u better ask slyvia lim where is the $$$ going 2 come from ? drop from the sky? lol

abolish grc? y ltk choose hougang?

Thrasymachus u attended MPS u c 4 urself how hard ppl worked r we the "eyes n ears of the govt"?

"eyes n ears of the govt" wldnt worked so hard 2 get buangkok station opened mata even got to step in 4 wad?

EP hold the 2nd key 2 the reserves. u wan an irresponsible 2 squander the reserves?

Hi wolong,

Relac~ -_-"

its nt a matter of relax serious allegation saying tht i on some1 payroll rite? whose payroll? pap? repeat this allegation in public i DARE u u shall c how i deal with u

even i dun sue pap wld sue? prove to me someone pay me PROVE it

u dare to take me on i nt AFRAID of u

Thrasymachus y so quiet ? dun wan 2 drag in2 this? lol Thrasymachus at82 m i paid by some1 state ur stand

i hv threw gim many challenges none of which he dare 2 accept dun think he dare 2 do it this time round lol

how WP reply u? where 2 get $$$$? y ltk choose 2 stand in hougang? etc etc

Hi Guys

So why have I been so silent over all this arguements? Simply because I think these are bilateral issues between Ted and Wolong. In my views, these aren't politics. If politics is about petty arguments, false allegations, people suing each other (by the way, I did defamation law course before), personal insults and agitation, I choose not to believe in Politics. Or rather, I don't believe this is politics. Not in Singapore.

We are sensible people in a country that is developed enough to understand issues. From time to time, people will agitate you with untrue things and in return, some might try to throw back the same medicine. I always held the belief that as long as you stay true to your integrity, your beliefs and your conscious, untrue things will not affect you. And you should not be least bothered with it since they are not worth your time.

So if you think that you are wrongly done by false accusations, just keep your faith and your integrity. The more others want to agitate you, the more you should not be agitated. One thing we could emulate Khaw Boon Wan is his "buddhist calm".


oh ya y did lky sue then? if u dare nt sue means what he say is true understand? lol

lies r only disbelieved if u dare 2 take action understand?

i can only say u ppl r still 2 young. 1 of these days when u r rich n famous when someone defame u c whether u hv 2 sue anot

when sim wong hoo is stil nobody ppl defame him he cant be bothered or he hv no $$$$$ 2 sue but 2day if u defame him c wad he do (nt cos he wan ur $$$$$$ but 2day he some1 with high social status he has 2 protect his reputation rite)

at82 n Thrasymachus r still v young green naive nt even started working life yet rite lol no wonder

In the intepretation of defamation law is that "it lowers one standing of another". Why has internet blogging been proved difficult for suing? It is because, there is little or no equity in "nicknames" online. And the degree of which it lowers is on the areana that the defamation is posted is the compensation. Thus, leaders on the global standing worth more. As for online nicknames, in this case, nickname vs nicknames, there is zero or no equity.

And is this politics? I still choose to believe in fair rebuttal.


i dun believe in personal attacks insults 2 hv i done tht 2 u ppl i noly hv prob with him u shld know y read his posting dun believe in nS might as well renounced his citizenship (maybe he no longer carry his pink IC) lol spore dun need him n stay in australia 4ever.

thts y i challenge him 2 do it in public he dare? no rite? lol

halo u think uncle nvr go sch dunno law isit? how come former NUS lecturer study so much also dunno meh (u know who i referring 2) lol

"buddhist calm" u defame mr khaw c he sue u anot

finally state ur stand m i on someone payroll?

Yes I know your gooda'old Dr Chee...

I'd say, there is little use being agitated. It only serve more purpose to the one agitating you. He wants you to be agitated and I don't even think he bothers reading all the comments. Just cool it.

"Buddhist Calm" is mentioned by GCT on Khaw in the national day rally few years back. If he choose to sue, accused won't be me! lol...

Enough of such stuff. Will not be drawn into any non-topical debates.

Have a good rest and sleep, guys.


thts y the best way 2 deal with him is take action against him rite? do tht in public y he dun dare? lol

wellllll seems like u lack political knowledge it used 2 be an unspoken rule in the pap if u r defamed u hv 2 sue if nt u leave but since goh c t made it known its nt an unspoken rule

another 1 u guess former judge trained in london (in the 50s even lky has 2 appear b4 him as a lawyer) u think he dunno law lol

y ppl defame? they hope u will believe wad they said n inflict maximum damage on pap leaders. but pap leaders dare 2 hv the truth tested out in a law court? r they prepared 2 be x examined? u ask them.

halo young 1 state ur views m i on some1 payroll? say la scare wad

Yes, the so-called the unspoken rule...but guess what, from my sources, the Cabinet will try not to use defamation on any political opposition for one very simple reason: the sense and perception of fairness amongst Singaporeans have increased. This tactic is counter productive. It may work in the past but may not always work in the future.

To be honest, who cares if you are on anyone's payroll? lol...as long as my money is still with me...haha ;)

Hi at82

Yes, I've read your reponse to the 4 time bombs. You have made quite good points as well...

1) President - Abolishment? No. Constitutional changes to improve the "56 men years", Yes.

2) Subsides - I guess there is too much to ans for this one. Bottomline is that we need to maintain and even growth our reserves. But it is important to ensure that the lower income group get looked after but not in a welfare state condition.

3) Ethnic Quota - I tend to agree with Dr Ng that it is not a primordial instinct. And racial harmony is not a "natural" thing or one that could not afford trial-and-error kind of policy. Never could we take that for granted.

4) CCC and RC - I agree with you as well. My biggest qualm is that elected MPs should sit in the CCC, even the opposition MPs. It makes no sense for Sitoh Yih Pin to sit in CCC when he is not the MP. Whereas Chiam is only the Town Council Chairman. The MP's power is very much limited in that sense.

My 2 cents worth!


Hi trasy:

I too agree that ethnic quota shdn't be abolish. But i think that there is room for loosening.

ur sources could be wrong cnxt election who they sue i thought economist jus apologised n pay up lol

Here's the real reason for GRCs, as explained by LKY bimself..


You know, I had to move from individual constituencies to GRCs because it became quite obvious with the trends. In the early days, they would vote for an Indian, the Chinese. So long he's PAP, they want a PAP government. Then the voters got sophisticated. They say, "No, no, no, I not only want the PAP, I'll get the PAP Government but I want an MP who speaks my dialect". That's how Low Thia Khiang won in Hougang. He's Teochew, majority is Teochew. So, not only do I have a PAP government, I also got an MP who speaks my dialect and will press for more. So, we changed the voting system and said, right, GRC, one minority. That minority has to pull the minority votes in. We are not going to allow our MPs to be demolished, under no circumstances. I would not allow it. I don't think the PM is going to allow it. And if you believe you can find a nice-sounding formula that would allow that to happen, then you must think we are stupider than we are.

someone posted the above @ james gomez blog. He explains how low t k won. agree?

Thrasymachus u cantonese rite? any cantonese speaking ward in spore? u go contest? lol

y yaoming was voted in NBA all star game for the past few yrs. Even shaq got 2 admit "he got 1.3 billion chn behind him"

hello T!

Happy new year in advance!wishing you all the health,joy and good results at school this year! btw, is that a working email address? how come no "@" inside one ..?

anyway, i have been reading PAP's reponse to WP's manifesto with interest. I seriously think they are over reacting. On the other hand, i find Low's response that perhaps the PAP should release their manifesto too rather amusing. i never really knew the functions of the GRC until i read ur blog, so i def undertstand why the WP calls it the "eyes and ears" of the govt.... hmmm.... and thanks for ur informative and enlightening write ups :)

....have u got a copy of WP's manifesto? im looking fwd to an entry on that :P


Hi Wien

Thanks and wish you and your family a Happy Chinese New Year too!

Thanks for your very flattering comments. As for the WP manifesto, I'm still trying to get my hands on it but Syed Alwi street is not really near my house. Haha...

Hi Wolong

Another note is that MM Lee no longer attends Cabinet meeting that often.

Haha...I don;t think there is a "ethnic cantonese" ward for me to contest in right?....haha


wp manifesto will be online soon lol of cos he dun hv 2 attend it tht often spore is safe in the younger leaders hands

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

Hi wien,

According to gms, WP manifesto is on sale at select bookstore. Hope that helps~

Anyway, have a nice day uncle wolong lol...

of all bkshops select hahahaha

Hi Wolong

Yes, all seems quiet here! Apparently, history doesn't attract too much crowd. haha..

Hope your Chinese New Year was a good one!


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    What do you think of the Gomez Issue?
    He is guilty of deceiving!
    He is not guilty!
    The whole issue was overblown by the PAP & media
    Don't care, Don't know!
    Current results

    What do you think of this site (singaporegovt.blogspot)?
    Good, Fair, Objective, Interesting Read
    Above Average
    Below Average
    Total Rubbish!
    Total mouthpiece of the PAP government!
    I HATE this site!
    I LOVE this site!
    Current results

    Which (Senior) Minister of State do you wish to see promoted to Full Minister?
    Ho Peng Kee
    Dr Balaji Sadasivan
    Zainul Abidin Rasheed
    Heng Chee How
    Lim Hwee Hua
    Grace Fu
    Radm Lui Teck Yew
    Lim Yi Shyan
    Gan Kim Yong
    Current results

    Which Election Candidate do you prefer?
    Low Thia Khiang (WP)
    Chiam See Tong (SDA)
    Sylvia Lim (WP)
    Chee Soon Juan (SDP)
    J.B. Jeyaratnam (Formerly WP)
    Lee Hsien Loong (PAP)
    Dr Ng Eng Hen (PAP)
    Sitoh Yih Pin (PAP)
    Eric Low (PAP)
    Current results

    How do you rate PM Lee Hsien Loong's Performance (as Prime Minister) so far?
    Very Good
    Above Expectation
    Poor ("I can even do better!")
    Very Poor
    Current results

    Do you have confidence in PM Lee Hsien Loong's leadership and his team of Ministers?
    Too early to tell...
    Any one but them!
    Current results

    Do you think Lee Hsien Loong became Prime Minister on his own merits?
    Yes! ("He was the best candidate")
    No! ("He has obvious backing from LKY")
    No! ("There wasn't any alternative candidate to challenge him in the first place")
    Current results

    Which of the (Junior) Minister to you wish to see him/her step down? (Part III)
    Raymond Lim
    Balaji Sadasivan
    Ho Peng Kee
    Chan Soo Sen
    Lim Hwee Hua
    Heng Chee How
    Gan Kim Yong
    Yu-Foo Yee Shoon
    Zainul Abidin
    Current results

    Which Minister do you wish to see him step down? (Part I)
    Lee Hsien Loong
    Goh Chok Tong
    Lee Kuan Yew
    Lim Boon Heng
    Lee Boon Yang
    Yeo Cheow Tong
    Mah Bow Tan
    George Yeo
    Teo Chee Hean
    Current results

    Which Minister do you wish to see him step down? (Part II)
    Lim Hng Kiang
    Wong Kan Seng
    S Jayakumar
    Tharman Shanmuguratnam
    Lim Swee Say
    Ng Eng Hen
    Vivian Balakrishnan
    Khaw Boon Wan
    Yaacob Ibrahim
    Current results

    What is your utmost concern for the coming General Elections?
    "Bread & Butter" issues - Jobs, economy, salary, etc
    Freedom of Speech - or lack of
    HDB issues - upgrading, high housing cost, etc
    International Issues - govt's handling of foreign relationships
    Transport issues - LTA, NEL, MRT
    Change of Leadership - from SM Goh to PM Lee
    All of the above
    I'll vote any party except PAP!
    I'll only vote for PAP!
    Current results

    Which is your favourite Minister?
    PM Lee Hsien Loong
    SM Goh Chok Tong
    MM Lee Kuan Yew
    DPM Jayakumar
    Dr Vivian Balakrishnan
    Teo Chee Hean
    George Yeo
    Tharman S.
    I Hate of them!
    Current results

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