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Thursday, February 09, 2006 

Elections Issues and Talks?

Just came back from a Prime Minister's Dialogue Session on Community Engagement Programme at Kallang Theatre. Usually, during dialogues or speeches, I always like to observe the body language and "off-screen" moments between Ministers. Today's dialogue was attended by quite a few Ministers such as Tharman Shanmugaratnam, Vivian Balakrishnan, Yaccob Ibrahim, Wong Kan Seng, Dr Ng Eng Hen, Lee Boon Yang, Lim Hwee Hua, Gan Kim Yong, Chan Soo Sen and Zainal Abidin. I think I'll just keep the observations to myself and not make any judgements out of it.

Another issue that the press have been publishing quite often is the Elections. TODAY papers and the Straits Times have made quite a few speculations. Quite some time back, I've made my own deductions on the possible changes and movements within MPs, Ministers and GRCs. Let's wait and see if any of that is true. From the comments page of the previous articles, I guess history is one that is not that popular (though important). Anyway, feel free to suggest any articles or topics that I could share with. This is quite a busy month for me and as such, I don't think I will be able to make any lengthy post at the moment (to the relieve of any readers!). :P


Hmmm... I enjoyed the article although i have no comment on it.

how at82 defending ur freedom of speech c whats happening 2 denmark u sure got something 2 say lol naive boi yeahhhhh finally chee a bankrupt so pap nt suing rite? who say 1? lol let me c who shall we sue nxt ? any idea? any idea who will defame nxt ? lol oh ya who tht guy who say i on someone payroll ? when i ask some guy he say wad better $$ in ur pocket what kind of ans is tht? y? dun dare 2 side me isit ? say la lol

Hi wolong,

Err... Well as I had said before, freedom of speech should not and must not be irresponsible speech.

I tot i also had said very clearly that i support punishing those who incite racial and religon hatred.

But then again I have to say, being offended doesn't not give one the right to go on a rampage.

By doing such foolish things it only further damage their cause.

As like at82, I enjoyed your post on the History of PAP, and have been waiting for the publication of Part II! Will it be published soon? =p
Take care


Hi Tay and At82

Thanks for all your comments. Great to hear that you've enjoyed reading that posting. Kind of busy this month and hope that the Part II will be out by the end of the month latest. But definitely before elections! :P

And wolong, I don't recall at82 demanding for freedom of speech without responsibility. I agree with at82 that freedom of speech must come with responsibility and ownership.


Hi trasy,

Long time no see. Glad to see at least someone agree wif me lol...

Anyway I would like to suggest a topic that I found interesting. Is it possible write something about the Mayor system in Spore??

I am really bewildered by the fact that we actually have 5 mayors in a city like singapore.

I also cannot understand the need for Town Councils since there are already 5 mayors...

so maybe u can shed some light on wat the mayors are all abt.

at82 once u open the floodgates thts it!!!!! understand?

at82 dun wan to be linked 2 opp but sound v pro opp lol

young boi sure agree with young boi if 2day the riots spread to spore dunno wad u ppl got 2 say

ur line of reasoning sound v like opp 2 lol

as i said b4 whatever started as high n noble will degenerate to become .......

hi wolong,

Me pro-oppo? izzit? I rather classify myself as disagreeing with certain current policies.

I am also prepared to change my mind if anyone can convince me with superior reasoning and evidence.

By the way why will the floodgate be open? I had said very clearly that I oppose, and support the outlawing of, speeches that incite racial and/or religion hatred.

However I saw no reason why that is in opposition to freedom of speech, for one only have the freedom to speak the truth.

Have a nice day!

Dear T, I think your history article is a tremendous effort and informative. Left wing figures like Fong Swee Suan and Lim Chin Siong did contribute to Singapore history to a certain extent. I think history should be taught in manner which encompasses different perspectives and dimensions.

nt many ppl dare to linked themselves to any political party be it nw or then but thet do sound like them lol

wellllllll if u wana know more abt lim c s n fong s w read lky memoir

u think if they hv won there wld be modern spore u ppl blogging here dream on!!!

only PAP has the foresight of predicting fall of communism

ahh... nice to see a n update..!

Hi guys

Sorry for "MIA" so long. Been busy with one of my many projects. Anyway, I managed to purchase a WP manifesto (though the free online version is available, but my laptop harden eyes would much prefer proper book versions). Most likely I would only be free to read it next week.

At82, that issue regarding the mayor is quite an interesting one. Anyway, just to introduce a little on the issue, their main task is to coordinate Community Development Councils (CDC) and not really Town Councils. Interestingly, CDCs are sub-statutory boards of MYCS and does the dispersion of welfare funds. Thus, the Mayor's supposity task is basic on welfare for the needy. Ranking wise, it is said to be similar to Ministers of State, but it is really a level below.


Hi trasy!

Seems like there is a reversal of roles between lawmakers and mayors here lolz.

I would have tot that estate management would be much more efficient if they are handled by the mayors as it would provide more economy of scale.

It also makes more sense to me that the elected MPs are more suitable for the task of handling welfare issues due to the meet the people sessions. Unless Mayors are also MPs which probably is the case.

Ah well, please enlighten me on this issue when u r free. For now gd luck for ur porjects.


Hi at82

Yes, all Mayors are MPs. Due to vast number of constituency (84 in total), coordination of welfare funds might be difficult. "Duplication" of applicants (eg: residents applying for welfare in two or more constituencies) maybe possible if there is no central coordination. Meet-the-people on serves as a referal for residents with problems but usually has minimal role in dispersion of funds.

CDCs on the other hand, will assign volunteers or staffs to assess the welfare conditions of the applicants. Coordination and control over the funds is quite a politcal reason as well. Basically, it goes by the logic of pooling resources with an appointed Mayor to coordinate the funds. Grassroots funding for committees like RCs and CCCs are also from CDCs. Thus the Mayor almost act like a "local Finance Minister" on welfare funds and grassroots budgeting.

Hope this helps!


Hi Mr T, nice informative blog.
Since u r asking for article suggestions...
so far lots of info about the ruling party. Can you do a feature about an opposition party instead? We don't quite get enough info about them from our local media ;>

Hi Anonymous

Thanks for the suggestion. I will keep that in mind. As I am preoccupied but other articles, maybe I will try to write something on oppositions in the future.

Appreciate your kind comments.


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